korean discography studio albums GET LOW … sept 9 2010 extended plays GLOW … july 8 2009 GLOW 2 … july 28 2011 solo work PLEASE DON'T GO (with miz) … 2009 live albums/tours NOLZA! … nov 23 2011 NEW EVOLUTION WORLD TOUR … dec 4 2012
japanese discography studio albums COLLECTION … mar 28 2012 extended plays NOLZA … sept 21 2011
loves food more than she loves most people
has a habit of feeding people whatever she's eating the moment they express a liking for it
extremely comfortable on camera
her attention span is abysmal, and she gets teased for it regularly on variety shows
says she's a graceful sleeper "to make up for the rest of the time", because despite her dancing skills she can be extremely clumsy
SPEAKS: korean & english equally well, though she's not very confident with her english
FAMILY: kim daeyoung & taeyeon (parents); kim jaehyuk (cousin)
full name kim hyoyoung
nicknames hyo, hyoyo
age & d.o.b. 19 & june 14 1993
occupation rapper/dancer/maknae of glow
residence seoul, south korea
status single
sexuality currently confused
PB: kim hyuna / credits: minzy of 2ne1 / WRITING: pst, third person, threading journal: hyoyoung / aim: hyollaback girl / credit: valery