birth name: park minhyung / michael park.
nicknames: micky, "minnie" by his older sister.
birthdate: 30 july 1992.
birthplace: incheon, south korea.
family: park dohyung & park minhee (parents); park minhye (sister).
occupation: vocalist & maknae of 소리; actor.

discography (korean)
studio albums
FICTION AND FACT … 17 may 2011
TBA … 2013

extended plays
소리 IS THE SOUND … 14 october 2009
SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA … 1 march 2010
MASTERMIND … 28 september 2010
LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN … 9 november 2010
MY STORY … 21 december 2010
MIDNIGHT SUN … 22 july 2012

discography (japanese)
studio albums
SO LOUD … 10 august 2011

MOM IS ACTING UP … park minhyung

pb: kim myungsoo.
credits: BEAST's dongwoon; kim myungsoo's acting roles.
contact: screened & 'micky mousing'
writing: PST; third person storybook, past or present tense.
code: jre.

◦ though born in incheon, south korea, micky's family made a move to san francisco, california when micky was just a few months old. dohyung and minhee decided that other than teaching them korean at home, they'd help their children lead the most american lives they could, eliminating a lot of tradition from their household and cooking american cuisine, and giving them american names. as a result, when introduced to new family friends, his sister was "michelle" and he was "michael". micky is both his stage name, and the name he grew up with.

◦ micky excelled in school but found it a little boring at times, rarely ever feeling challenged by any particular subject. early on, he took up multiple extracurriculars at the encouragement of his parents; by middle school he only stuck with a couple of them—piano and violin. he was a good student and a fairly well-behaved son, but spent much of his free time out in the city with his sister in the hopes that they might get a better understanding of their culture there than from their parents.

◦ introduced to kpop through a couple of friends, micky decided almost immediately it was something he wanted to do. he had a decent voice, good looks and an excellent grasp on music, so he saw it as a great opportunity to get to see his home country and find something more engaging than school and piano lessons. after initial hesitation, his parents decided to allow micky to go to seoul and audition. in 2004, the entire family made the move with micky out of a desire to support him as best they could and micky auditioned with JYP entertainment at the age of 15, a couple years after settling into their new home.

◦ after two years as a JYP trainee, micky was honestly unsure he would ever have any sort of debut, and started to get worried he'd be one of those trainees who spent half their lives training before ever becoming an idol. before he could decide on actually giving up, however, he was added as the final member to a new group named 소리 (soli; korean for 'sound') under cube entertainment. soli held their debut showcase on october 15th, 2009 and from then on were referred to as the "recycled" group, much to the members' disappointment, due to the number of group members who had been rejected from other companies. over the years, however, they gained popularity—leading to people replacing the word "recycled" with "rediscovered"—and earned numerous awards. as of 2013, they're preparing for a comeback.

◦ with strangers, micky comes off a bit unapproachable, but fans will attest to the fact that he warms up very quickly to most people and has his own share of funny habits in the group.

◦ though he's the youngest, micky has been the most visible member in terms of controversy and scandals. he has a hard time knowing his limits when it comes to alcohol and flirts unashamedly with girls, and both of these habits have gotten him into a bit of trouble before, usually in the form of disorderly conduct and relationship rumors. more than once he's been banned from public appearances due to these, but he has yet to get into significant trouble—which might actually be why he hasn't broken any of these bad habits.

◦ having spent much of his life abroad, he often feels out of place in south korea and despite having been in the country for 8+ years, some of his behavior is far more reminiscent of american culture than korean culture, such as physical affection with girls and talking back to his seniors. early on in soli's career, he was known for stuttering on variety shows due to his self-consciousness but since then he's become far more comfortable in front of the camera, especially when he's with jaehyuk.

◦ due to seeming unapproachable at first glance, his image was going to be something to the effect of "antisocial but charming", however once it was evident that he would never be able to manage that with jaehyuk nearby—far too close to the other boy and constantly bickering with him—the company just gave up. his image is essentially just his own personality, but slightly more respectful.

◦ he enjoys collecting stuffed toys and of the various gifts fans give to him, stuffed animals are his absolute favorite. he has a pile of them on his bed that can usually be seen from selcas taken in his dorm room.

◦ he has a severe case of youngest child syndrome which is just exacerbated by the fact that he's maknae in his group. micky tends to be unhealthily selfish about people and things in his life which he considers his, hence the sulking and jealousy he often displays at two of his favorite people, jaehyuk and his sister, being on 'we got married' together.

◦ dancing is his main weakness as an idol and he often has to put in twice as much work as his bandmates to achieve the same level of skill with choreography. he doesn't enjoy it at all, and will put off the extra effort until the last minute if he can get away with it.

◦ a little bit vain about his looks; when the group is asked who they think the most attractive member is, micky tends to say "me".

◦ he loves cooking and has been enforcing a strict "no skipping breakfast" rule in the dorm since before debut.

◦ to make up for what he considers his mediocrity as an idol—he thinks his singing is average and his dancing is obviously abysmal—he spent his years prior to being a trainee as well as his years as one learning to play as many instruments as he could. he's best with the piano and violin due to years of his childhood spent practicing them, but he's also good with a guitar, drums, as well as a few traditional korean musical instruments. most stringed instruments are easy for him to figure out after one or two tries, which he's proven on various variety shows for fun.

◦ he has two pet bunnies, but keeps them at home with his parents to avoid letting them get too lonely when soli's schedule gets busy. as a result he misses them quite a bit whenever he can't go home to visit them, and latches onto his friends' pets (particularly nana's cat seeley).