elliot james hazard

and you make my slacks a little tight
you may unfasten them if you like
that's if you crash and spend the night

- 'butterfly', jason mraz

date of birth: june 26th.
gender: male
height: 5'10''.
weight: 160 lbs.
build: slender frame, not toned.
hair: short, shaggy, black.
eyes: green.
current residence: chicago, il.

playful. witty. dry. blunt. laid back. charming. cheerful. fantastic sense of humor. easily frustrated. jealous. friendly. honest. conceited.

father: caleb.
mother: eleanor.
best friend: ethan jones.

once upon a time

Elliot was born in Bristol, England and lived there until he was five, when his family moved to a small, close-knit town outside of Chicago. Social from the moment he'd left the womb, Elliot befriended his next door neighbor, a boy his age named Ethan Jones, and Ethan's older brother Micah. He grew up happy and healthy as a kid, aside from a preoccupying crush on Micah that started to develop sometime before middle school.

His parents were sweet and encouraging when Elliot made the effort to talk to them, but for the most part there was some sort of disconnect; it wasn't that Caleb and Eleanor didn't care about their son, he'd just been independent from the start, and ignoring him ended up being a natural habit.

Elliot fell into the appropriate 'rebellious' cliché as a result, and made friends with Micah's friends instead of the kids in his grade. He didn't mind older men—hell, he was lusting after one at the age of twelve and constantly got told he was older than he looked, so logically he was too fantastic for his peers, right? Right.

He learned just how completely idiotic that conclusion was after agreeing to fool around with a 22 year old grad student that Micah knew in exchange for a few wine coolers. Getting fucked at the age of twelve was a little too adult for Elliot.

He'll reassure you that he wasn't horribly traumatized or anything, and whenever Ethan tried to insist it was rape, he tuned him out; a drunken accident was something he could easily put in the past. He learned his lesson, and appropriately waited a few years before sleeping around like a good little boy.

He came out his freshman year, which theoretically wasn't so bad—being gay in a big city like Chicago just got him action, but being gay in his town was a little less acceptable. He was social, but he didn't crave friends; Ethan and Micah were plenty for the time being. And by his sophomore year, he was busy sneaking into clubs to meet people for other reasons, anyway.

The club scene lead to recreational drug use, and seeing as how speed made sex more enjoyable, it became Elliot's drug of choice. It took a while for him to admit that it went from recreational use to an addiction, and even longer to admit why; the combination of Micah being arrested and convicted of strangling seven* women with Ethan meeting his one true love in the form of a girl, and stopped spending time with Elliot.

* Only seven bodies were identified and included in the trial. Micah mentioned at least a hundred.

After a handful of fights with Ethan and his scandalous sixteenth Thanksgiving dinner where he came out to his Very Disapproving Extended Family, Elliot gave up being angry, but he'll tell you the friendship was never particularly the same.

After graduating, Elliot went on to college in Chicago because his trust fund needed to be spent on something other than amphetamine and pot even though he didn't really know what the hell he was supposed to be aspiring to be. He got himself in trouble with Ethan numerous times during his first year for a: telling Micah (who was in prison on Death Row by this point) all about Ethan's girlfriend (who fit Micah's, uh, 'type' perfectly) and b: visiting Micah way too much for his own good. Ethan had his happy family, and Micah was just a twat whenever he visited, so it didn't take long for Elliot to start losing contact with two of the most important people in his life.

A few months into his sophomore year of college (on academic probation for failing half his classes), Elliot's parents cut off his access to his bank account. Apparently they noticed it was getting withdrawn from a little too often to just be for tuition and rent. Dropping out saved him money, but not enough to support a speed addiction that had him down to 135 pounds and shaking about twenty-four seven.

Prostituting became his new full-time job to support a full-time habit he didn't feel inclined to give up.

Ethan still tried to stay in contact with Elliot but despite the efforts, Elliot always seemed to find a way to fuck things up. They settled for civil conversations when Elliot and Miranda hung out.

Being a whore paid off for a full three and a half years.

Elliot likes to say that his last night prostituting was a result of all the bad karma he'd built up over the past four or five years. The run-in with a john who had no interest in sleeping with him got Elliot a broken wrist, four days lost to unconsciousness, and the entire occipital lobe of his brain destroyed.

Skull reinforced with a small metal plate where the doctors couldn't repair enough of what had shattered, Elliot woke up to the news that he was completely and totally blind.

Losing control of his eye movements, parts of his memory and some of his coordination were a few of the other consequences. Sunglasses, a retractable walking stick and a guide dog named Jolteon became his new chic accessories and Elliot found himself back at home with his parents, teary-eyed and full of guilt ('it's my fault, isn't it' was his mother's favorite sobby phrase) and questions about why Elliot made the choices he'd made. He put up with it because he got his trust fund back—not like shooting up was an easy affair when he couldn't see his veins—and eventually moved out anyway.

He'll tell you he still doesn't know what he wants to be when he 'grows up', that Ethan told him the scar from his "skull fuck-up is pretty rad" and it's too bad he's blind because he doesn't get to be a slut anymore. Just don't mention disability fetishists.

it's true!

He has more freckles than the average person, but most of them are on his shoulders and back.

He loves eating. Speed kept his appetite nearly nonexistent but he pretty much stuffs his face these days; he's got a little belly to prove it, but he's thankful for the metabolism that keeps his extra weight in check.

His favorite foods are white chocolate and original Doritos. Not together.

His favorite drink is chocolate milk.

His last name is legitimate but countless people have thought he was just joking when he gave them his last name.

He's full of himself, but when it comes to his blindness, Elliot is self-effacing—humorously, at least.

Elliot's afraid of guns.

He's surprisingly cheerful in the morning.

He thinks compliments are just things to say.

Funerals make him uncomfortable.

He used to have a fairly noticeable accent when he was a teenager because a: his parents still had theirs and b: he said it got him laid more often. It's much lighter and barely there now.

Elliot bottles up frustration but ends up exploding rather quickly anyway.

He can swallow up to six or seven medium-sized pills at the same time without water.